At Meba’s foundry, we offer comprehensive metal casting solutions, specializing in a variety of metals including aluminum, cast iron, bronze, brass, steel, magnesium, and zinc. Our capabilities allow us to produce custom castings in various shapes and sizes for industries such as automotive, industrial machinery, and more.

Our foundry is equipped with:

Melting Furnaces: Dual track induction furnaces with capacities up to 1000 kgs.

Molding Systems: Auto Carousel and roll-over molding lines, continuous mixer lines with sand mixing capacities of 20 tons and 10 tons per hour.

Finishing Equipment: Flood coating units, continuous drying ovens, automatic core shooters, shot blasting machines.

Sand Reclamation: Plants with capacities of 3 tons and 6 tons per hour, Mechanical Attrition unit.

Additional Equipment: Pneumatic glass bead machine, riser knock-off machine, swing frame grinders, green sand capabilities.

Contact us to learn how our custom casting solutions can meet your specific industry needs.