MEBA’s foundry produces various metal castings. We are specialize in common metals processing including aluminium and cast iron. However, we do use other metals as well, such as bronze, brass, steel, magnesium, and zinc to produce castings in our foundry. We can form virtually any shape and size.

  • Dual Track 750 KW Induction furnace of 1000 kgs capacity for Melting
  • Dual Track 175 Kw induction furnace of 250 kgs capacity for Melting
  • Auto Carousal and roll over molding line for No-Bake sand system
  • Two Continuous mixer line for No-bake sand system with sand mixing capacity of 20 tons and 10 tons per hour
  • Flood coating unit
  • Continuous drying oven to cure Molds and Cores after water based coating
  • Automatic Core shooters for Cold box sand system
  • Sand reclamation plants with capacity of 3 tons and 6 tons per hour along with Mechanical Attrition unit
  • Shot Blasting machines
  • Pneumatic Glass bead machine
  • Riser knock off machine
  • Swing Frame Grinders
  • Green Sand