Tool Room and Pattern Shop

In a foundry, patterns serve as replicas of the objects to be cast, shaping the cavity into which molten material is poured during the casting process.

Our patterns, crafted with precision, are made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastics, and more. Designed to exacting standards, these patterns ensure longevity and repeatability, consistently delivering dimensionally accurate castings for industries like oil and gas, infrastructure, railways, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Our Capabilities:

CAD/CAM Design & Execution: Utilizing advanced design software for accurate pattern creation.

CNC Routers: High-precision routing for intricate patterns.

Planer Machine: Ensuring smooth and precise surfaces for quality patterns.

Pattern Materials: Offering a range of materials including Polystyrene, Wooden, Aluminum, and Resin Board to meet specific casting requirements.

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